Some galleries of our work for your perusal.


We are a boutique development team with a diverse range of skills areas including PC/Console/Mobile game development,
narrative/content creation, film, AR/VR, and 3D printing.Our members have experience working with and for world-class teams as Ubisoft, EA, Makerbot, Hasbro, Intel, Harebrained Schemes, Fischer-Price, and Google. And we want to help you with your project!



Programming - Design - Concept art - Illustration - Sculpting/Modeling - Rigging - Animation - Lighting - Effects

Let us help you make big strides on your project!

Our studio possesses the tools and the know-how to shepherd your
ideas all the way from those initial napkin sketches to a polished final
product your customers will applaud. Or we can focus on one
particular aspect of your asset pipeline, supplementing your efforts by
tackling a specific aspect of your project-in- progress.

We can do any of it — and we can do it within your budget.


The Team

We've crafted AAA video games for the latest consoles. Helped bring
a piece of gaming history back as a darling indie hit. Written
narrative-driven games for use in schools to revitalize the joy of
reading for kids. Animated programming for young viewers. Modeled and sculpted for games, toys, and the healthcare industry.

We’ve done it all, and we’ve done it well. Now let us help you make
big strides on your project!

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